Payne Stewart Golf Camps

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Developing Healthy Kids for Life Through the Fun of Golf:    

PHYSICAL HEALTH:  Your kids will come to camp with a lot of energy and we will burn off that energy with static/dynamic warm-up, fitness games, and relay races so their brains will be at a peak state to focus and learn.

GOLF SKILLS:  Our camp program is based on thoughtful training equipment and techniques focused on young kids. All golf instruction will be simplified to the 4 basic golf shots: putt, chip, pitch, and full swing. Golf skills will be taught to the children through fun team-oriented relay races and games. 

MULTI-SPORT:  Learning Traditional golf instruction for young children is BORING. 4-7-year old’s have a limited attention span. They want to move and PLAY. Our camps incorporate different activities, balls, and objects into educating children on the golf motion. If children are having fun, they are learning. 

LIFE SKILLS: Our faith-based camp environment utilizes biblical principles to instill l character-building life skills and virtues in a fun and memorable way.  Each day at camp we will focus on a core virtue (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control) for the children to learn and apply.

In summary, our goal is to associate “golf” with “fun” in a child’s mind in the hopes that we create a golfer for life.  Equally important is providing a program that help parents instill life skills and virtues in their kids that will create a happy and healthy citizen for life!

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